Stuart J. Moore

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Hey. I’m Stuart Moore. I’m a programmer and designer. I drink tea and grow a mean beard. I've been creating things since I was 14 ( years now); I have so many projects that have been left behind or lost. OpenGL games, Homemade NERF guns, hovercrafts, turning CRTs into audio visualizers (note: bad idea), and anything that duct tape can become.

I graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in computer science (and a minor in psychology). Before designing and developing iPhone apps, I worked at AEC Design. Those three years gave me experience writing and debugging software in C++ and deploying to thousands of users. Not to mention it paid my tuition. I've also spent a summer at NIST.


I rarely start projects I know how to do, but always finish with a new skill.


Programming, designing, or just my every day life, I keep it organized.


I love solving problems; what ever gives me a reason to start sketching in my notebook.


I always make. I got into programming because I couldn’t afford a metal shop.